Accredited Online Courses for Anatomy and Physiology

Accredited online courses for anatomy and physiology have several features that are comparable to those in standard classes. The following are some of the features of these sites.

Coursework Overview

These programs begin by explaining the various systems in the body. These include the muscular, reproductive, urinary, digestive and respiratory systems. Other major parts like the lymphatic, cardiovascular, endocrine, sensory and nervous systems are also covered. Students will learn how to identify body organs, tissues and the major cells in the body.

These classes also help you explain the different functions of bones and muscles. Beginners should focus on introduction to anatomy and physiology first. Body chemistry, tissues and cells are also discussed in these sites. Related subject matters such as digestion, circulation, respiration, excretion, responsiveness and growth are also discussed.


Most of these sites are self-paced. You can arrange the schedules as you want. You just need an Internet connection and these study materials will be accessible. Most of these programs use videos and 3D animation. This can be used to explain difficult concepts. These applications require a plug-in to work. Popular web browsers should have no problems running them. These plug-ins are free to download.

Format Used in These Sites

Courses are arranged in different ways depending on the website. They will usually begin with an introduction of physiology and anatomy. This is usually followed by chemistry term definitions. This is necessary for students of anatomy.

Succeeding subjects will focus on cells and why they are so important. This is usually followed by a discussion of different tissue functions and types. Following this, discussions about the different body systems will follow. An exam is given at the end of the course.

Other Information

These programs are open for college students, high school students and those who just want to learn more about human anatomy. By the time you finish these courses, you will be able to understand the significant body systems. You will comprehend how these bodily systems function.

These programs have different price tags. Be certain that you compare their features. The quality of these sites differs. If you are medical student, it is best to sign up for a site that is as detailed as possible.

Accredited online courses for anatomy and physiology are usually not free. Free courses can be studied, but they do not get credit. Be sure that the site has accreditation before signing up for any course.