Easy Online Courses for Teachers

The University of Wisconsin-Stout, deemed as the state’s top polytechnic university, provides online courses that put more focus on lessons that will help them immediately start on their careers after receiving their certificate of completion.

What this means is that the courses basically touch on real-world issues and the application of the theories and practices they have learned related to various career fields specifically in the Arts, Social Sciences, Education, Engineering and Technology.

Easy Online Courses for Teachers

For current teachers who need graduate credits, you can enroll at any of the university’s Online Professional Development Courses which can be accessed from anywhere in the US – or the world even – just as long as you have your trusty computer with you and a reliable internet connection.

These are actually easy online courses for teachers that may be completed within four to eleven weeks, depending on the courses that you signed-up for or are thinking about joining.

There are currently thirty-four courses being offered by the online university for teachers and these are credit courses that can be transferred towards your graduate credit requirements or Continuing Education requirements for license renewal.

You can choose any of the following courses: Assessment, Classroom Management, E-Learning and Online Teaching Courses, History, Social Studies, Humanities, Instructional Design and Instructional Strategies, Special Education, and Writing.

Topics Covered Per Course Category

If you wish to take UW-Stout’s Assessment Courses, you have four options: Assessment for Learning-three graduate credits, Math Assessment for Response to Intervention-two graduate credits, Reading Assessment for Response Intervention-two graduate credits and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports-three graduate credits.

For Classroom Management, you have Strategies for Dealing with Disruptive Behavior-three graduate credits, Effective Classroom Management-two graduate credits and Bullying in Schools-two graduate credits.

If you wish to take E-Learning and Online Teaching Courses, you can choose from the following: E-Learning for Educators-three graduate credits, Assessment in E-Learning-three graduate credits, Instructional Design for E-Learning-three graduate credits, Collaborative Communities in E-Learning-three graduate credits and E-Learning Practicum-three graduate credits.

Instructional Design Online Courses and Certificate meanwhile cover the following areas: trends and Issues in Instructional Design-three graduate credits, Instructional Strategies and Assessment Methods-three graduate credits, Project Management for Instructional Development-three graduate credits and Designing Computer-Based Training-three graduate credits.

For History, Social Studies and Humanities there is only one course topic under this joint category being offered: Teaching Digital Media Literacy in the Content Areas which gives you 2 graduate credits.

Special Education courses cover the following: Strategies for teaching Students with Autism-three graduate credits and Differentiated Instruction-three graduate credits.

Finally, Writing courses are as follow: Teaching and Assessing Writing with the 6-Trait Elementary-three graduate credits and Teaching and Assessing Writing with the 6-Trait Middle School-Adult-three graduate credits.

Each of the courses has a specific enrollment and availability schedule so you’d best check this information first before enrolling to ensure that you can complete the courses within the fixed given schedule.