English Online Courses for Free

English online courses for free are used by students and teachers alike to boost their skills. The quality provided in these sites is high. The fact that they are free makes these programs even more attractive to users.

Coursework Overview

Like colleges with English resources, curriculum in free sites include creative writing, literature, English pronunciation, proficiency and skills development. The latter includes speaking, writing and reading. Each of these is covered in-depth.

In speaking lessons, the topics covered are comparing, interviewing, describing and finding differences. Writing lessons include histories, description, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, verbs and parts of a sentence. Beginners’ English study resources have categories such as topics & vocabulary, grammar, culture and many others.

Advanced topics in grammar include idioms, compound words, phrasal verbs, collocations, complex sentences and nuances. Other topics are about word-building (prefix and suffix patterns), word families (noun-verb-adjective-adverb) and stylistic/stylized writing. You will also find examples of English sentences, ranging from simple to complex, for beginners to teachers.

Additional Details

These free English programs give you an idea of what to expect in colleges and universities. The information includes colleges that offer English as a minor or major. You will also learn about general education requirements.

Students also find out how many credits that you will need to graduate with an English major. There are also topics concerning nuances of pronunciation, literary devices and varieties of English.

More Options

Whether you are a teacher or not, these free resources can make you more proficient in the language. There are sites that study noun phrases, ellipsis & substitution, future forms, auxiliaries and adverbs.

You can improve your grasp of English by studying subjects like Inversion, time & tense, passives, comparatives, relative clauses and abstract nouns. There are also topics concerning conditionals, modals, relative clauses, articles, passives and nouns, gerunds & infinitives. For those who want to fine tune their English, these free resources are going to be very important.

Other Information

These free resources are available from different sources. Some are available from universities with English courses, private institutions and many others. Free courses on the web including English, are usually taken from a university’s class. However, these programs do not have any tutors. The assignments are not graded either.

English online courses for free do not earn degrees. But they can be used for personal enrichment. But these cannot be used for continuing education; they do not earn credits needed for licensing renewal.