Free Online Courses for Administrative Assistants

Taking free online courses for administrative assistants is one of the most practical ways to train for this type of work. The vast resources on the Internet also give you plenty of options.


These online programs provide tutorials and guides for their students. They give certificates for those who finish the courses. There are also opportunities for them to earn a college degree while studying on the Internet.

Coursework Information

The vast nature of the subjects means several topics are covered, such as finance, communications and the basics of computing. These Internet courses will also require human resources management skills, as it helps when managing a crowded office.

There are also subjects which help them control a large office. These programs also provide instructions to improve organizational skills. This is an important skill that assistants have to learn to aid their superior.

Some courses will have live seminars, but others are conducted on the web. Many of the lessons are self-guided so participants can study at the pace they like.

Supplemental Courses

It is a good idea if the student takes supplemental courses because an admin assistant’s job will vary from office to office. If you plan to work in a medical office, you should take a course that gets you familiar with medical terms.

You will also need to get accustomed to the ways of filing and organizing records. Other admin assistants work in the entertainment industry and their job is to file actors’ headshots.

Other Considerations

Online universities now offer several options for students. There are specific courses for those who want to pursue business administration. You can also take up other related courses which can get you an administrative assistance certification.

Others will offer an associate’s degree for the subject. When deciding, ensure that it can help you get the required degree. However, these sites will require payment. But they do have free previews which you can use to determine if the site is worth paying for.

Other Information

Other admin assistants work in the IT industry. Courses for this will focus on web conferencing, network administration, computer software and hardware. These students also have to concentrate on subjects like event planning, project management, time management and business writing. Other courses which can be studied are marketing and accounting.

Some free online courses for administrative assistants provide instructors, but most of the time it is self study. Instructors are commonly found in tuition based sites.