Free Online Courses for Adults

Free online courses for adults allow busy people to resume their studies. These resources have always been available in traditional schools. But the Internet has made these available to everyone at no cost.

Available Courses

Most tuition based adult education schools focus on improving an adult’s reading, writing and mathematical skills. The most basic programs will cover basic literacy skills.

High school level study courses are widely available. Some of the most popular web courses are about arts & literature, jobs & careers, computers, electronics, business and marketing. You can also find detailed sub-disciplines in each of those categories. You can study citizenship programs, ESOL, vocational training or GED.

There are also courses on culinary arts, history, fashion, biology, astronomy, nutrition, economics and geography among others. You can also focus on programs like starting your business, personal finance management, child care or physics.

Not all these courses earn credit. The length of these courses ranges from one day to over a month. It all depends if you study part or full time. Even if the schedule is flexible, it is recommended you study five times a week if possible. The more hours you put in, the greater your knowledge will be.


Free courses have very flexible schedules. This allows people to continue their studies even though they have family / work obligations. By studying online, you can advance your career or find a new job. The courses offered in these programs are as detailed as those in vocational and technical schools. In many instances, they are even more comprehensive.


Free state-funded programs have certain requirements. You have to meet them to enter the program. But other free courses on the web are open for everyone. You must have a steady Internet connection. You must also possess some basic knowledge of how the Internet works.

Other Information

Unlike adult education colleges, most free study courses are not graded. Degrees and certificates are not awarded either. There are no tutors either. Reading materials make up most of the contents. But there are now using videos, audio and podcasts. Some of these free programs are run by nonprofit organizations. They offer free tests to determine the capacity of an adult.

Free online courses for adults provide them the means to learn without paying for tuition fees. You can use them for personal enrichment or to supplement whatever you are studying in a formal course.