Online Math Courses for Adults

Online math courses for adults generally come in two types: free and tuition based. If you just want to improve your knowledge, the free courses will suffice. If you are looking for credit, you need to enroll in an online class.


It depends on the site. Some focus on specific subjects like algebra or geometry. But most of these classes offer several subjects. Basic topics like rounding off numbers, decimal system and writing numbers are included. You can also brush up on basic topics like adding, subtracting, the multiplication table and division.

The use of exponents and parenthesis are also covered in depth. Fractions, proportions and statistics are featured in most web math sites. More advanced subjects like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, integers and calculus are explained too.

In Depth Courses

These sites cover the basics so adults can brush up on their skills quickly. They then go into detail. In geometry classes, expect topics like lines, rays, planes and parallelograms to be studied. Other topics commonly explored are the Pythagorean Theory, square roots, Pi, circumference and area formulas. Frequently taught algebra topics are expressions, formulas, equations and properties.


It varies greatly. Some sites are free, while some courses cost a hundred dollars. Others will have you paying for a year’s use. After which you pay again to keep running the program. There are courses which offer free use of some of their modules. This is to entice people into signing up. PayPal and credit cards are the most popular payment methods used.

Other Features

Tuition based programs offer credit. This is valuable if you are going back to college. Most of them also have instructors that can help you. Much of the information online consists of reading materials. But video, PowerPoint presentations and PDF files are now being used.


Look for programs that can be learned easily. Animation is being used frequently as they make concepts easier to understand. Make sure you take the exams and quizzes. They indicate how well you are learning. Those who graduate will get a certificate of completion. This is not available in free courses.

Some of these programs have to be installed; others run completely online. If the program is web-based entirely, make sure you have a reliable connection. You should also check their email and technical support.

Online math courses for adults continue to improve in quality. Whether you are trying to earn credit or just want to get better at math, the web is your best resource.