Free Online Courses for Business Administration

Free online courses for business administration can be as comprehensive as those featured in universities with MBA programs. Using these resources, you can choose from several fields.

Coursework Overview

College for MBA courses are very detailed, but free websites are also comprehensive. After covering the basic concepts, you can study communication skills, information technology and the basics of marketing.

There are also topics on legal aspects of business, statistical & quantitative methods, managerial economics and management accounting. You will also find modules covering practice of management, principles and organizational behavior.

Additional Details

Universities with business programs allow students to specialize in specific areas. Some of these free sites offer these are well. Among the most popular are environmental management, economic environment of business, research methodology and management information system and management. The latter includes management of logistics, manufacturing, operations and human resources. Marketing management is also covered.

Features and Format

Free websites are arranged in different ways. Their features differ too. Videos, animation and other real life scenarios are set down. They also offer links to other websites. Even though they are free, you can still study specific topics. These programs also prepare you for a certificate, graduate or undergraduate degree.

You can use these websites to plan for the short or long term. If you are a professional, you can use the information to boost your knowledge. These websites also give you an idea of what degrees are available. Options include a Master’s program in Financial Engineering, a Doctoral Program an Executive MBA or MBA.

However, these websites do not have video conferences or webinars. However, they offer research programs you can work on. By the end of these courses, you should be able to run your own business or be comfortable in investing.

Other Information

These websites also focus on other topics such as sales and distribution management, strategic management and entrepreneurship. In addition to the main course, you can also take up banking management, corporate governance, business ethics, risk management and insurance.

Also included in these programs are business research, business law, industrial relations and managerial economics. No course is complete without knowledge of financial accounting and quantitative methods for management.

Free online courses for business administration are available from several websites. Some of these are linked with universities. Whether you are interested in management, entrepreneurship, marketing or other fields, these courses can help you.