Free Online Courses for GED or High School Diploma

For some people, work takes precedence over studies; which is why a good number of youths do not finish their secondary schooling. The number of high school drop outs continues to be on the rise for a variety of reasons – foremost of which is that they would rather work to support themselves and their families.

Whether you are a young adult who made the difficult decision of foregoing your high school education or you are already an adult who failed to finish secondary school; there is a certificate that you can get that is considered as the equivalent of a high school diploma: the GED Certificate.

What is a GED Certificate?

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This certificate is given to candidates who have passed all sections of the GED Test. It is equivalent to a high school diploma. The tests cover the core subjects taught in high school and your score will determine your competency in the subjects.

If you get at least 450 correct answers in each of the tests, you will be awarded the certificate. 450 is the lowest score that you must get in order to get the certificate. On the average, exam-takers get 500 in each of the tests.

Free Online Courses for GED or High School Diploma

If you’ve been out of school for years, taking the test can be intimidating and overwhelming. Besides that, what you learned way back in high school may be so outdated already that you could fail to answer correctly a good portion of the tests – which means you may have to take the tests all over again.

Bear in mind that if you fail just one section of the GED Exam, you will not be eligible for the certificate.

It is therefore very important that you prepare for the tests as much as you can. If you’re unsure as to how to go about it, you can first try the free online courses for GED or high school diploma that are available on the internet.

To help get you started, visit the website of GED for Free. Here, you will find review courses for the GED Exam as well as free tests that you can practice on to help you determine whether or not you are finally ready to take your tests.

The free study courses provided by this particular site are good for exam-takers who reached their 9th grade level. If you need a more advanced review course, there are others available although you may have to pay for some of these as there are very few providers of free review courses for the GED.

What you may find in abundance is the free practice tests for parts of the GED Exam. You should take advantage of these if only to see how much you still know about the subjects.