Free Online Courses for Medical Terminology

Free online courses for medical terminology covers the basic and advanced concepts. Even though these are free, you can expect them to cover the vernacular used by nurses and doctors. This course is available in health care colleges, but the web has made this available for free.

Coursework Overview

These resources focus on the terms used to describe body systems. This is similar to what is done in medical universities. The curriculum also teaches students how to interpret these words. You will also learn how medical terms are pluralized. There are also topics that explain how to use acronyms and abbreviate these words.

Quizzes and Tests

Some of these courses have multiple choice questions and tests. This is one way to hone your skills. But these are not graded like in formal classes. In formal training courses, these exams will be used to test our knowledge. They are also given at the end of the program.

After you finish the program, a certificate is given. There are no certificates and degrees given in free sites. Courses will include pathology (nature of disease), diagnostic and surgical procedures. This is necessary so you will gain a better understanding of how these terms work.


These websites utilize audio, video, graphics and text to explain words and concepts. In other study programs, you will be able to translate these terms using online tools. Self paced studies are the norm for free and tuition based study programs.

Unlike tuition based sites, there is no limit to the time you can use these sites. These courses do not earn credits. This means they cannot be used for continuing education. But for personal enrichment purposes, these resources will be more than sufficient.


These programs explain how these words are constructed. You will learn the definition, pronunciation and spelling. Many of these sites have audio which help with pronunciation. These programs focus on languages and terms used in different health care professions.

Just like other courses, these programs will instruct you on the fundamentals of anatomy (human body). Aside from that, you will also learn about symptomatology (disease symptoms) and pharmacology (study of drugs).

Free online courses for medical terminology can be the starting point for a career in medicine. You can apply as a medical assistant, work on medical records or be a medical transcriptionist. Free programs also make it easier to study formal courses.