Free Online Courses for Microsoft Office

Free online courses for Microsoft Office offer an inexpensive way for students and professionals to learn. Office contains several powerful programs, but getting the most out of them can be difficult. Instead of paying for a course, you can just take free resources instead.


Colleges that use Microsoft Office focus on the major applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. The following are some of the subjects they cover.

Microsoft Word Courses

The topics include working with files, using the views, working with text and formatting them. You will also learn about paragraph formatting, text formatting, tables and spelling and grammar. Students also get training on tracking changes, compiling a table of contents, setting tabs and indentations.

You will also study reveal formatting, drawing canvas, smart tags and accepting / rejecting changes. You learn about compiling a table of contents. You will also find out how to use WordArt, drag and drop and using different styles. You also find out about gutter and page margins.

Excel Courses

In free Excel tutorials you will learn about spreadsheet basics, modifying worksheets, Excel functions overview and errors in formulas. There are also subjects on functions & formulas fundamentals, referencing, sorting and filling.

Other topics that you will go over are comparing workbooks, page properties and printing, charts and commonly used features. You also find out about saving Excel files as web pages, statistical functions and overview of logical functions.

PowerPoint Courses

These courses explain the basics of PowerPoint. You discover how to use the AutoContent Wizard, design templates and getting familiar with the PowerPoint screen. Free resources train you on working with slides, adding clip art, working with tables using text and reorder slides. You will also find out how to insert a graphic and using graphs and charts.

Access Courses

These online classes start by getting you familiar with the Access interface. You will also find out about designing a database, building a database and how to manage information in a table. There are also training programs for querying a database, designing forms and how to produce a report.

These free courses also explain how to customize the Access environment, determine fields, review existing data and save a database as a previous version. There are also lessons for working with sub datasheets, making calculations and modifying the design of a form.

Free online courses for Microsoft Office should only be used with the appropriate edition. Office has numerous versions and you need to use the right one.