Online Courses for Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office is a leading provider of computer applications chosen by millions of computer users all over the world.

The applications help individuals with their document needs, sales reports and presentations, image editing and numerous other purposes generally related to office work; hence, the name of the software. MS Office.

Microsoft Office 2007 Logo
Microsoft Office 2007 Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MS Office applications became popular some time in the 90’s and as the years went by, the applications evolved into what they are today.

The updated and upgraded versions are in keeping with the constant advancement in the IT industry to keep the programs up to par with current Operating Systems, among other things.

Microsoft Office Suite Tutorials

With all the changes in the applications, it is not surprising that a lot of users find themselves a bit confused about using these in the new format.

Before you throw in the towel and stick to the old version, there are online courses for Microsoft Office Suite that you can take full advantage of.

You can go directly to the MS website and select the courses or tutorials that you want to avail of. You should know that these are available to you for free, wherever you are.

In the event that you should come across anyone offering to provide you with an online tutorial for MS Office applications for a fee, ignore them. You can learn everything there is to know about MS Office at no cost to you.

There are three commonly-used Office applications for work: MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

MS Word is mostly used for documents, letters, memos and contracts; Excel is for basic finance sheets, computations or records; and PowerPoint is used for presentations.

MS Word Tutorial

With a Word tutorial, you can learn all about tool changes; get acquainted with new shortcut keys and also get to know once again the tools on the ribbon.

This online course usually takes about thirty to thirty-five minutes max and you are given practice tests to get more familiar with the new version.

MS Excel Tutorial

With this tutorial, you will get to learn how to create a worksheet; use computing tools for basic addition, subtraction and multiplication; and also come up with a workbook for the office.

You can also learn how to keep the buttons that you usually work with visible so you can easily click on any one of these whenever you need to.

MS PowerPoint Tutorial

Finally, with this tutorial; you can get more information as to how to create animated presentations with eye-catching designs. You also get to walk through the basics such as creating slides, inserting slides and inserting texts and images into each of your slides.

These are only three online courses for Microsoft Office Suite. Online tutorials for MS Outlook, Access, OneNote and Visio are also available.