Free Online Courses for Pharmacy Technician

Free online courses for pharmacy technician are available for professionals who want to continue their education. Because they are free, you can take as many of them as you want.

Coursework Overview

The main subjects deal with packaging, filling and assisting with prescriptions. But they also have to do other things. A pharmacy tech may be required to bill insurance agents and ready drug solutions. These are all detailed in free courses.

Aside from the core subjects, students learn about a pharmacy tech’s work environment. Web classes also explain where pharmacy techs work (clinics, hospitals etc). Job and career guide options are sometimes provided too. While many courses are for continuing education, others prepare you for the pharmacy exam.

Other topics that may be studied are communication, diseases and drugs. The latter two are vast subjects. You can expect them to run for several “virtual” pages. Performing calculations, measurements and drug dosages are covered too.


Some of these sites have no prerequisites at all. You just go to the website and download the lessons. A few of them will require you to register, but this is free. Fee based sites are a different matter; they have specific requirements. You need to have computer skills, type 30 plus words a minute, present school records and so on.

Other Features

Although they don’t offer degrees or courses, they do give you insights. You will get an idea of what online programs are offered in formal sites. These resources are purely online. Sites that require payment may be hybrid. That is, some subjects are online while others are in a real class.

Students can also learn about legal issues, computer skills and communications. Aside from pharmacology, dispensing skills are also taught in these sites. Aspiring and professional pharmacists can also find online journals dedicated to pharmacology. There are also links to news, trends and other news about pharmacology. Like the courses, these are usually free.


These study classes do not have instructors. There is no one to guide you. You have to go over those lessons yourself. Study is self-paced. Few free courses earn credit. Like other Internet study programs, these classes use video, graphic images and illustrations to enhance lessons. Forums can be very helpful. You can use them to ask advice and discuss the matter with other pharmacy techs.

Free online courses for pharmacy technician differ in terms of quality and quantity. It pays to go through several sites to compare their contents.