Online Courses for Pharmacy Technician in the UK

Online courses for pharmacy technician in the UK used to be something of a novelty. But today there are several people taking up the course. The quality is the same as in traditional classes, but the schedules are less rigid.


Aside from tackling issues in pharmacology, these courses explore the kind of work techs have to do. After graduating, the new pharmacy techs can work in community or hospital pharmacies. Depending on what you study, you can also find work as a GP practitioner.

Online programs explain how to work with a pharmacist and with other technicians in the field. One of the subjects explained here is the supply of products and medicine to patients. There are also options for specializing in certain areas and increasing your work responsibility. There are also courses centered on management and administrative tasks.

Career Prospects

Pharmacy techs usually work in the hospital service. The kind of work you can get depends on what type of technician you become. For instance, you can train to be a senior technician. Your area of expertise will be medicine information services, clinical trials and procurement of supplies.

Senior technicians will also be trained in information technology, training and managing staff or overseeing quality control. It is also possible to focus on any of the areas mentioned above.

Clinical Technician and Others

There are also courses for becoming a clinical technician. The main thrust of the subjects will be liaising with other healthcare professionals, doing ward work and helping patients. If you study to become a chief technician, you will oversee a part of the pharmacy department.

Before you apply in any of these online schools, make sure that it is accredited. When researching, be certain that the information is correct.

Other Information

The way these online lessons are set up varies. Their contents will also differ, but the majority of the lessons are made up of practice questions and reading assignments. These courses have instructors. You can get in touch with them via email, discussion boards and other means.

Most of these programs offer courses dealing with pharmaceutical calculations, human anatomy and physiology. They must also study UK laws that affect pharmacy techs. There are also courses which explain facts about inventory control record keeping and numerous medical processes.

As the facts show, online courses for pharmacy technician in the UK are more than just about drug action and memorizing medical terms. A wide array of topics can be learned.