Online Courses for Pharmacy Technician

Online courses for pharmacy technician span a wide array of topics. These programs are designed for aspiring techs. The subjects in these programs vary. Not all classes will cover the topics stated here.

Coursework Overview

Pharmacy schools focus on health professional practice, research planning, quality use of medicines and applied therapeutics. There are also topics about pharmacy practice and general pharmaceutics.

Students must also take up clinical pharmacology, laws and regulation and systems pharmacology. Other subjects that may be required studies are introduction to the practice of pharmacy and a study of definition of terms. You will also learn about the basic tools of pharmacy.

There are also courses on applying medications into the body and learn the mathematical techniques necessary in the industry. Internet classes also teach you about inventory management, mechanics of billing, purchasing, dispensing medication and pharmacy operations in medical institutions.

The coursework includes studies about Infectious bacteria, antivirals, antifungals and antibiotics. The concentration will be on the drugs used to treat these infections and disease. Studies about viruses and bacteria may be introductory or comprehensive depending on the subject.

Additional Details

Students also get trained on first-rate customer service; using pharmaceutical techniques and equipment necessary for correct ingredient compounding. After going through this course you will also find out about healthcare providers, protecting patients and sterile intravenous product preparation.

In medication safety studies, the core subjects will center on the healthcare system and how to keep medical errors from occurring. Specific procedures and processes are also going to be studied.

Other Information

There are also courses on psychiatric drugs, neurologicals and narcotic pain relievers. You will also find subjects on gastrointestinal and respiratory drugs.

Other areas of study are about cardiovascular drugs and problems in other bodily systems. Few pharmacy classes are complete without studying the science behind it. The topics include how drugs get approval by doctors. The core subjects concentrate on drug administration to patients.


There are some pharmacy programs that require participants to have knowledge of physiology and anatomy. Other schools require students to have degrees or completed courses in biology, microbiology, biochemistry and chemistry. Admission tests may be required in some schools to. If you want to pursue a Master of Pharmacy, a criminal background check will be done.

Online courses for pharmacy technician should have accreditation. Apart from being a tech, you can take more advanced classes and be a master pharmacist.