Online Courses for Pharmacy Technician BC

Online courses for pharmacy technician BC provide an opportunity for people who want to start a career in this field. Pharmacy techs are very much in demand in British Columbia. Those who graduate will learn how to work under supervision of a pharmacist.


Internet pharmacy programs discuss the many roles that pharmacy techs have to do. Their main tasks are packing, filling and assisting pharmacists with prescriptions. Their other duties include billing insurance agents, inputting the proper data and making solutions. Instructions are also given on how to work in managed-care facilities, pharmacies, clinics and hospitals. Students will also develop skills needed to succeed in the field.

Course Features

Web programs provide many options for participants. Most of the coursework can be done online. But others offer a strictly on-campus program. There are also sites that present a hybrid course. The hybrid / blended courses usually have more studies offered online than on-campus.

Regardless which you choose, graduating from these programs will quality you for the national pharmacy technician exam.
Several subjects are going to be included such as the responsibilities of pharmacists, disease and drugs and basic facts about pharmacy practice. Calculations and communications are also part of the curriculum.

Some sites have courses exclusively for online use. But there are also universities which offer courses culled from their classrooms. Internet courses use videos, audio, graphics and illustrations. Some of these programs simulate labs work online. For the most part however, this has to be conducted in an online pharmacy.

More Facts

Other subjects are covered in this program. This includes getting familiar with pharmacy products and technical information. Computer skills are also required since pharmacy techs will have to use software for their various tasks. Most online programs will also check their background. Contact the site administrator if you are not sure.

Other Information

This will vary, so get in touch with the school first. These courses usually last for several hundred hours. The entire program must also be finished within a specific time period. There are several courses included.

Among them are legal issues, laws, pharmacology dosages and computer skills. It helps if you know something about computers before you take up one of these classes. It will make your studies easier.

Many online courses for pharmacy technician BC are fully accredited. If you are not sure, contact the Canadian Council for the Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs for more information.