Online College Courses for Medical Assistant

Online college courses for medical assistant are among the fastest growing fields in the world of education. These programs provide students with the information necessary to work with nurses and doctors.

Coursework Overview

Medical assistant colleges teach their students all the subjects needed to succeed in the field. Many of these are now online. The coursework usually begins with an introduction to health followed by subjects on medicine laws, ethics, and information literacy.

Studies will also center on math for business and finance, anatomy, physiology, medical terminology and pharmacology. An A.S. degree includes topics on medical transcription, reimbursement methodologies, medical coding, technical and business writing. .

Additional Details

Universities with medical assistant programs allow you to choose a core elective. Common choices are sports nutrition, HIPAA compliance and confidentiality of health information. Aspiring assistants must also go through clinical procedures theory, study electronic medical records and interpersonal communication.

General Study Subjects

Every degree applicant must pass some sort of basic skills test. Math and reading are mandatory; other subjects may be included depending on what program they intend to study. Computer applications and Internet basics are taught.

Subjects will include presentation software, spreadsheets, word processing, Windows, file management digital electronics. Science electives include earth science and biology. You can also earn credits by taking electives in English composition, music appreciation, art, introduction to literature and essentials of psychology.

System Specifications

You need a fast Internet connection to download files and play videos (if they are used). Most of these classes are compatible with Windows. For optimum performance, you need to have 2 GB of RAM, 1 GB available hard drive space and a 2.6 GHz processor. You can have a less powerful system, but a reliable web connection is necessary.

Other Information

Training usually takes a year to complete. But it will also depend on whether a student is full or part-time. Besides the major subjects, you can also study different types of clinical and clerical tasks. Preparing examination rooms, scheduling patients and taking vital signs are just some of them.

Lab courses and lectures are included in these programs too. Externship takes place after credit hours are completed. Under certain situations, students become qualified for loans and grants.

Graduates of online college courses for medical assistant are very much in demand. Most of them end up in hospitals or working with physicians. Others can find work in nursing homes.