Online Courses for Medical Assistant Certification

Online courses for medical assistant certification can be taken from several universities. If you are interested in medicine, this is one way to start.

Coursework Overview

The core subjects cover a range of topics. The majority of med assistant schools explain the major tasks these assistants have to do. Students will learn about working in an office. Duties include answering phone calls, patient triage, arranging schedules, appointments and other tasks. The subjects will vary depending on the school. Other topics may consist of medical insurance management, medical assisting skills and pharmacology.

Students must take subjects about various medical office procedures. Other topics that you may study are medical terminology, administrative practice management, anatomy and physiology. Of course students must study anatomy and their relation with diseases. In addition, you will find out about health care and the legal aspects of medical office.

Additional Details

These programs have different requirements. Prerequisite courses may be needed in some programs. In others it is not. Certification and diploma programs take about a year to finish. Features vary, but most of them are divided in semesters. A one year program has five semesters.

Comprehensive programs offer hands-on lab testing and live classes. These programs teach students how to prepare for the health care field. While the objective is in office training and patient care, other areas have to be covered. Other subjects that have to be studied are patient education, lab testing, assisting in minor surgery and first-aid techniques (CPR is always included).

Other Information

Graduates can work in physicians’ offices and other medical institutions. The depths of the subjects are the same as those offered in private, community and technical colleges. Graduates of online classes can expect to earn $37,000 or more.

Before you enroll in one of these medical assistant programs, be certain the college has accreditation. Accredited courses qualify their graduates for the American Association of Medical Assistants national certification exam.


All applicants must have GED or a high school diploma. Before you enroll, take a look at their curriculum. Some of the topics are covered in high school, but these are not the same as those in professional programs. To get certification, you must pass the exams.

Online courses for medical assistant certification is not as comprehensive as getting a degree in medicine. But in some cases you will find it easier to take up a degree and understand it.