Online Continuing Education Courses for Massage Therapy

Online continuing education courses for massage therapy are essential for license renewal and keeping your knowledge current. Colleges with massage therapy programs usually have CE topics for therapists. The coursework usually focuses on methods used in the field, past present and future.

Coursework Overview

Refresher subjects on anatomical terms and locations, ethics in the therapeutic setting and popular bodywork approaches are available.
Therapists also learn communication skills. You will also find out about the latest techniques for specific massages. Other topics are on safety precautions for the practitioner and the client and movement and support.

The latter focuses primarily on the arm and shoulder. You also have to learn how to work the neck, head, hand and forearm. Other topics are on the back, front and torso. You will also learn how to use different methods for massage.

Additional Details

Professional therapists also have to study the reproductive organs and those of the respiratory system. Many of these courses can be learned on the web. But some of them have supplementary study materials aside from online. These include terminology CDs or DVDs, terminology flashcards and a tutor kit. Specific procedures are also covered in these programs.

There are also topics on traditional Chinese medicine, energy techniques hydrotherapy methods and the therapeutic setting. Also covered in these programs are client records and comfort. Advanced courses focus on movement and support for foot, leg, knee, thigh and pelvis.


These courses are for therapists who have a license. They must pass a standardized exam and hundreds of hours of work experience. This should not be confused with other online training programs. Those classes have different requirements. HIPAA and other programs have to be learned too.


Internet courses have self-paced studies, assignments and lectures. After completing the program, you will get a certificate and massage relaxation techniques. Most CE courses can be completed on the web. Most allow you to finish the course on the web. Before you enroll in one of these programs, be certain that they are accredited.

Other Information

Continuing education allows therapists to specialize in different areas such as sports massage. You will learn theory and techniques and procedures. Other topics are on massage cautions and contraindications. Other topics are about legal issues and disease education. Other topics have to be studied too.

Online continuing education courses for massage therapy are available in accredited colleges. After completing the required courses, you will understand enough to advance your career.