Online Continuing Education Courses for Physical Therapists

Online continuing education courses for physical therapists are transforming the way people earn this degree. Because of the wonders of modern technology, it is now possible to continue your education without going to a brick and mortar class.

Why Continue Education?

Methods and techniques used in physical therapy are changing. Innovations are taking place constantly. By taking a CE (continuing education) course, therapists learn the latest techniques and new information about established methods.


These online classes are designed for licensed therapists. Most of the information in these courses focuses on new developments. But there are refresher courses available as well. This is suitable for those who haven’t been practicing for awhile.

Coursework Contents

Several private institutions offer this course. Courses usually take three to four days to complete. Length will also be dependent on the subjects being taken. Some of the most popular topics are high velocity manipulation, advanced upper quadrant, basics of ortho/manual therapy and advanced lower quadrant.

The focus is also on thoracic spine strategies. Most sites allow you to buy one course at a time. But some universities sell them in sets of four, six and so on. Courses may be studied on an individual basis. But some of them are included in a program with certification.

New courses are always coming up. This means the subjects will vary. Other popular topics now are spinal joint treatment, handling peripheral joints, spinal joints, thoracic treatments, cervical culmination, biochemical assessments of joints differential diagnosis and many others.

Additional Features

Sports physical therapy programs are also online. Topics focus on common sports injuries. The latest treatments are explained as well as up and coming solutions. Course subjects include injury prevention and rehab.

You may also take up assistive technology. This subject concentrates on modalities for disabled patients. This will include seating systems, custom wheelchair modifications, adaptive devices and other devices.

Other Information

Some of these classes have live components. These programs are not self-paced. Instead they are held on a regular basis (i.e., every weakened). Most of these courses are affordable. But it is better to compare the prices of each site.

Each of these courses have different credit hours. These types of classes center on understanding the fundamentals of functional recovery. Outcome measurements and assessments are also studied.

Online continuing education courses for physical therapists are not just for long time professionals. They are also for newcomers to the field. New information may have already emerged by the time you graduated.