Online Courses for Massage Therapy CEU

Online courses for massage therapy CEU enables professional therapists to stay updated on the latest facts. Because the Internet has become prevalent, there is no longer any need to go to a traditional class. Most if not the entire coursework can be studied from home.


Swedish Massage

Refresher courses are available. Participants will also learn about the latest innovations in removing muscle tension and pain. These courses also dwell into the different types of massages and which ones should be used for a particular ailment. Qualified therapists are already aware of the muscular structure. But there are several courses that review this subject.


This will vary from state to state. On the average, it is six credit hours every year. In some states, the requirement is 12 credit hours. Usually these courses have to be completed in a year or two. But there are several courses online which have different lengths.

Coursework Contents

CE classes typically require refresher courses, pathology, career plan development and ethics to be taken up. Scientific subjects like kinesiology and anatomy and many others are also studied. There are core massage and science topics covered. Shiatsu massage and reflexology are also discussed in detail.

Apart from these subjects, online schools will offer different kinds of courses. You should evaluate what the site is offering before accepting. They will also learn different ways to work with soft tissues. Aside from providing comfort, therapists will also learn how to use therapy to reduce blood pressure.

These courses also provide instructions for improving clients’ flexibility and recovering from injury faster. At the same time courses explain how they can help improve circulation.

Optional courses are available in many sites. These are usually taken by therapists who want a career change. For instance, some massage therapists can take up orthomassage or hot stone therapy.

Other Information

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Internet programs on massage therapy also concentrate on aromatherapy, deep tissue massage, chair massage and Swedish massage. Therapists can also take up other related topics. There are some hybrid classes on the Internet. This means you will have to do online studies and on-site training as well. This is to determine how much you have learned.

Online courses for massage therapy CEU are not just for personal enrichment. The majority of the states in the US require continuing education for therapists to maintain their license. If you are interested in becoming a therapist, get in touch with the appropriate state licensing board. The requirements will vary.