Online Courses for College Credit Anatomy

Online courses for college credit anatomy are either hybrid or fully on the Internet. Some prefer one or the other. However, you need to be familiar with both types to avoid misconceptions.

Features of Online Classes

A purely online study program is exactly that; all the lessons are submitted and evaluated over the Internet. Hybrid classes are a combination of on-campus lab work and distance learning. Their online components are taught using different methods.

Few courses are fully online. Some of these so-called fully online programs will require you to take part in a few lab sessions. These include video conferencing, discussion boards and electronic mail.


Lengths of courses differ. It ranges from a few weeks up to several months. Aside from anatomy, students have several general and related subject courses. Some of these topics include chemistry principles. Enrollees may also take up the study of matter,

fundamental genetics and others. Core subjects will vary depending on the class. Some of these topics are about the skin, skeletal systems, physiological systems and anatomy in general. The coursework will also include disorders and diseases that affect the body. You may also study superficial anatomy, the nervous system and muscle groups in the body. Tissues and organs are studied individually.


A fast and reliable Internet connection is required. You also need an Internet browser. Plug-ins like Adobe Reader is needed to view PDF files. Video conferencing and animation will require a media player. Some programs provide supplementary books and CD ROMs. Online universities may have other requirements.

Accredited Schools

Check the accreditation of the schools before signing on. Be certain the site is recognized by the US Education Department. An accredited class is allowed to release federally funded financial aid. Also check if credits can be transferred to your school.

For transfers to be allowed, the online anatomy classes have to be the same quality as those of your school. Only choose online universities that are reputable. You can ask other students for information. They can give you an idea of which is the best one. Look in as many schools as possible. This advice is good not just for anatomy classes but any other course.

Online courses for college credit anatomy are offered by many universities and colleges. Rules on credit transfers can vary per site. These programs are designed for students who want to work in the medical / health care industry.