Online Courses for College Credit Italian

Your knowledge of the Italian language consists of no more than a few common phrases. Sure, you can say “Good morning!” in Italian: “Buongiorno!” and you know how to say “Thank you!” – “Grazie!” but these are not enough to pass you your Italian college courses.

Your school requires you to complete Italian courses for Foreign Language credits but you are quite uncomfortable learning the language in a room filled with other students. That, or you simply believe that taking the courses on your own and right at home will increase your chances of completing and passing all required Italian courses.

Online Courses for College Credit – Italian

One of the best things to ever come out since the invention of the internet is online education. Thanks to the internet, you can now study for anything that you want without leaving home and staying in a dormitory – the usual set-up for college kids.

What colleges and universities offer offline, they now also offer online. So if you are looking for online courses for college credit- Italian, you will be sure to find all required courses to complete your Foreign Language requirements.

Now, depending on the specific requirements of your school, you may have to take just one or two Italian language courses or you may have to take up to four courses.

Italian 101 and 102

These are introductory courses and will typically include learning common phrases as well as basics of sentence structure. For both Italian 101 and 102, there are no prerequisites in order to be admitted to the courses.

These courses are also considered as Elementary Italian.

Italian 103 and 104

These courses are also known as Intermediate Italian. Before you can enroll in Italian 103, you should have completed Italian 101 and 102. For Italian 104, you should have completed Italian 101, 102 and 103.

With Italian 103 and 104, you will get to learn more than just a few common phrases. You will learn more Italian words, you will also need to pay more attention to sentence structure which can help you with your writing exercises and also get a bit about the language’s history.

Your online Italian courses may require you to take scheduled short quizzes and long tests, complete assignments and even join online discussions with the instructor and other students from time to time.

Check the system requirements of the courses to ensure that you will not be left behind during live online discussions and also to enable you to use the software intended for the course.