Online Courses for College Credit Microbiology

Online courses for college credit microbiology work just like other credits. They are awarded to you upon completion of the course. These will be recognized and accepted in your college.

Coursework Overview

Universities and colleges across the US offer microbiology as a major. However, the curriculum can vary considerably. Universities with microbiology majors offer different areas of study. There are programs in molecular and cell biology, infectious disease and immunity, graduate and undergraduate programs.

High end schools offer majors in education, government work and medical school. Other required courses concentrate on physics, molecular biology, genomics and biochemistry. Students have to complete the credit hours required to finish.

Undergraduates have the option of studying microbiological programs so they are ready for graduate school. These courses also prepare them for careers in the science or health industry fields.

Additional Details

Microbiology schools also offer courses for those interested in governmental, industrial or medical laboratory environments. If you are studying a major, you have several to choose from, with 4 year bachelor’s programs being the most popular.

Credit courses also get students ready for higher education. In some schools, those who want to major in the subject have to take very specific courses. Among the most frequently studied are histopathology, stem cell biology and molecular pathology. Not all these courses will be taken in the programs. In some universities, only a certain number are needed.


Prerequisites vary according to the school. These credit courses are accessible once you are enrolled in a university. If you are taking a microbiology PhD, there will be more requirements. This may include official transcripts of any other university you attended.

The minimum GPA is 3.0 for most graduate schools. In others, it is 3.3. There will also be required courses. Among them are mammalian physiology, biology, math, calculus and organic chemistry. There will also be admission tests. Information about GRE tests are also required in most colleges.

Other Information

Students also have to undergo clinical training. The courses they have to study depend on what areas they choose to specialize in. Graduates may end up working as a microbiologist. Or they can specialize in veterinary science, ecology, biotechnology and agriculture. Additional subjects focus on statistics, food science and immunology.

Online courses for college credit microbiology are required in many degrees. Among them are nursing and science. Of course you can also major in the subject itself.