Online Courses for Counseling Psychology

Online courses for counseling psychology can be found in universities and colleges. Master’s and doctorate degrees can be studied on the Internet. Because you can take graduate level studies on the web, studies are more convenient.

Coursework Overview

Counseling psychology schools provide a detailed curriculum. Topics include defining a counselor, developing basic counseling skills and determining if you have what it takes to be a counselor. You also learn what it is like to work in the private sector, mastering the techniques of counseling, legal and ethical Issues.

There is also training on counseling based communication skills, ethical guidelines, record keeping and business aspects of counseling. Students also learn how to counsel in diverse environments, the role of a social worker and self-care strategies.

Additional Details

Colleges with psychology programs also include topics on various counseling formats, popular specialties, job outlook and growth prospects. Aspiring students also discover facts on current trends and history.

Other subjects frequently taken are communication in the workplace, body language, ethical codes and ground rules, private sector practice and educational environments. When studying self-care strategies, you will cover subjects about remedies, causes of stress related to work and burnout. You can also study counseling for groups, singles or couples. You can choose to specialize on one or all.


At the end of this course, you will learn what a counselor is supposed to do. They will develop the skills necessary to become a counselor. You will also learn what options are available for those who want to work in different places.

All these programs are going to teach you about the legal issues concerning the subject. You will also learn how to compare counseling methods in different settings. Some programs emphasize working in different environments. These include working in urban communities or working for the under-served.

Other Information

Participants in these courses are trained to work based on scientific research. Your critical inquiry skills are also developed. Aside from being a counseling psychologist, you will also learn how to be a consultant, policy analysts or researcher. Different concentrations can be studied including school counseling or mental health. Becoming sensitive to individual issues is also taught.

Online courses for counseling psychology are open to anyone who meets the requirements. Usually students have to study principles and theory of psychology at the undergraduate level. Those who want to take this course have to do at the graduate level.