Online Courses for Counseling Degree

Online courses for counseling degree are available for people who are unable to attend a real school. Counseling is comprised of several subjects, but almost all of them have an online equivalent.


Most of these programs are designed for aspiring psychologists and counselors. Students will become trained in helping people. Specifically, these courses provide instructions for aiding people cope with problems.

Numerous degrees are offered on the web. There are online universities that offer counseling

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degrees at various levels. You may even take up a master’s or doctoral’s degree online. Bachelor’s degrees are also offered online.


The coursework will depend on what type of counseling you take up. Psychology counseling usually includes subjects about family therapy and marriage. There are also specialty courses on family counseling, family crisis situations and sex therapy. Students will also be trained on how to handle family problems related to children and teenagers.

Other specialty courses are available. Among them are military family therapy, general therapy for families and medical family therapy. The latter is about helping families cope when a member has a life threatening disease. Aspiring counselors may also specialize in couples therapy.

You also have the option to study psychotherapy theories. You will gain skills in doing research about adult human behavior and development. Psychopathology, advanced quantitative research methods and similar courses can be taken up on the web.

Additional Options

You can also take up mental health counseling in some of these online universities. This is usually offered as a Master of Science degree.
Credit hours requirements differ per class. You will find some that need 150 credit hours. These programs include lifespan development and measurement and observational strategies.

Students also have to take up standards and ethics in professional practice interviewing. You can also take up group therapy lessons. Online programs will also develop your skills in psychological assessment and social psychology.

Other Information

There are many other subjects that can be taken up. Among them are cognitive psychology and other systems of psychology. You also have the option to take up the history of psychology. You don’t have to focus on specific types. General study options are also there. In some courses, credits may be transferred from other classes.

Online courses for counseling degree are increasing in number. As long as the site is accredited, the quality of education you get will be the same as in traditional classes.