Online Courses for Early Childhood Development

Online courses for early childhood development are aimed at people who love to work with children. By enrolling in these degree programs, you will gain the knowledge to help kids develop skills they will need later in life.


There are several degree options for students. In childhood development programs, master’s, bachelor’s and associate’s degrees are available. Doctoral degrees are offered in a few programs.

Associate of Applied Science

This degree gives you general knowledge of factors that affect children. Specifically covered are intellectual, social, emotional and physical influences. Courses will focus on the topics needed to work in nursery, preschool and childcare centers. In these courses, you can study part or full time. This is good for students who are working during the day.

Bachelor of Science Degree

Courses here are more extensive. Among the subjects are children’s literature, child psychology and nutrition. Other required subjects are first aid and observing the development of children. These classes are supervised by teachers. Like other degrees, there will be hands-on training. This is going to be essential for any prospective student. The information needed here can be used by optometry or nursing students.

Early Childhood Education Masters Degree

These early childhood development programs are for students seeking advanced knowledge. The subjects covered are similar to those in lower degrees, only more intensive.

In addition, students have to take up assessment techniques, development theories and instructional strategies. Assorted teaching methodologies are also covered. In addition, students evaluate the impact of culture and family on kids. After graduating, students get teaching credentials in the state the class is based in.

Childhood Education Ph.D

A doctorate degree is not as common as the other degrees. It is more rigorous than others. The emphasis is preparing students for intensive work, scholarly advancement and research. Activities by students are covered by highly trained professionals.There are many prerequisite courses required for this program.

Credentials and Certificates

These are not degrees. But the knowledge you get will be sufficient to work with kids. These certificate programs are provided by many colleges and universities. However, you can earn credits which can be used for getting a degree. A credential ensures that you have the competence and knowledge in the subject. Choices include school-age child care, infant/toddler care and children’s program administrator.

Online courses for early childhood development will be similar to those stated here. But there will be differences because universities have different approaches.