Online Courses for Early Childhood Education in Canada

Online courses for early childhood education in Canada are for those interested in a career as a child teacher. Even if you are still undecided, you can explore these courses and see what is being offered.

Coursework Overview

Topics about Canada early childhood studies depend on the certificate or degree. Introductory topics focus on role of the teacher, developmentally appropriate practices, guidance and communication skills. Behavior recording and observation techniques are also available.

Core courses explain basic concepts on activities, curriculum, nutrition, safety and health. Teaching, social development guidelines for kids and child growth are standard topics. Aspiring educators also have to study home, school, and community relations, CDA renewal, children’s literature and assessment preparation and child development portfolio.

Additional Courses

Modules on activities and curriculum are going to focus on evaluating creative learning activities, dramatic play, movement and music. Arrangement of indoor/outdoor space is also covered in these classes. You will be introduced to the materials required for educating children.

When you study nutrition and health, the subjects will include communication with health professionals, promoting healthy habits and keeping them safe.

Behavior and social development studies are going to be about discipline techniques, methods to support children’s social development and improving their communication skills. Other topics are going to center on atypical development and helping those with disabilities.

As a teacher you will also interact with their families. Students also have to study elementary classroom concepts, the use of technology and administrative functions. Dealing with classroom diversity is also included in the lessons.

Format and Features

Early childhood education programs have many offers, ranging from four-year bachelor’s degrees to two-year diplomas. You can specialize in courses that concentrate on infants up to age 12. You can study full or part-time.

Besides the subjects mentioned above, you can pursue issues about early learning, child care developments, professional practices in early childhood organizations and teaching special children. Those studying at the bachelor level can also pursue higher learning. Other options are on youth care, diploma in infancy and certifications.

Other Information

These programs require field work. You will see how professional educators interact with children. You will also learn principles of development and learning through play. Aspiring teachers will go to nursery schools or kindergarten and get hands-on training and experience. Lectures and seminars are included although sometimes this takes place online.

Online courses for early childhood education in Canada are available in different formats. The coursework outlined above is just an example.