Online Courses for Educational Administration

Online courses for educational administration can pave the way for a career as a school administrator. Completing one of these programs opens the door for other employment opportunities in college. These web classes are often found in master’s degree programs.

Coursework Overview

Education administration programs include several topics for students. Core subjects include politics of education, research design and educational policy, formal organizations in education and gender and higher education.

Additional areas of study are advanced qualitative research, financial management in higher education, comparative higher education and educational psychology and leadership. These courses will include videos and audio among others. There are websites which use PDF files, PowerPoint presentations and other programs. You need to install these applications so you can use these programs.

Additional Details

Specialty courses and topics have to be studied as well. Among them are diversity in higher education: race, class, and gender, public policy, politics, and law and higher education. There are also orientation courses for those studying administration.

Among them are development of graduate study (guarantee of an academic degree), professional evaluation (self evaluation matrix) and fundamental principles (philosophy of education). You also have to take up fundament of knowledge, academic evaluation, experiential learning, organization theory and communication & investigation.


The requirements differ depending on the university. The minimum requirements include submitting your undergraduate credentials. You also have to submit transcripts and pay a fee. There may be other requirements such as a specific grade-point average (GPA) or Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and an essay. Even in an online course, you may be subject to an interview.

Tuition and Other Costs

This will vary but the lowest will be around $200 up to $500. The cost is calculated on a per credit hour basis. There are several universities that allow you to apply for grants and scholarships. These are open only for those who are qualified. The specifications will vary by school. You have to check them first.

Other Information

Colleges with administration education are also required to study practices, theories and history. You also have to learn about personnel supervision, higher education finance and student skills development. Internet programs also help those who have graduated and are now completing other degrees.

Online courses for educational administration have different features. The course outlined above is just an example of what you will find. You need to get more information about each site before you enroll.