Online Courses for Free College

Online courses for free college provide students around the world access to education. Although they are free, the contents are updated on a consistent basis, keeping them relevant.

Overview of Coursework

Free college study programs are available from a wide variety of sources. Many are courtesy of universities. Others are provided by web based schools.

Courses Available

The major categories are arts and humanities, economics, marketing and business. There are also categories for computer science & information technology. Other major study areas are in nursing, health care, mathematics, social sciences, hospitality, human services and environmental science and education. There are also free web college classes focusing on public services and engineering.


These websites use different methods to deliver these lessons. Reading materials, podcasts and videos are used in many websites. Most of them can be studied in any schedule. You can access them freely.

Some of these sites use discussion forums so students can interact. They also have links to other resources on the web. Formats used in these programs vary though. Some of these sites may recommend you use textbooks and other study supplies. These are not necessary but they can help.

These courses can also give you an idea of what degrees and certificates can be taken on the web. You can’t take these in these free programs. But you will know what the general prerequisites are. If you do decide to enroll, check the university for more info.

More Choices

The categories stated earlier contain a lot more topics. In humanities and arts, the subjects you can study are art, commercial arts and design, media studies, English and cinematography. Technology oriented schools are focused on robotics, nuclear engineering and aerospace. Public services studies include firefighting, public office & administration and emergency medical services.

You can also choose from several topics under free education programs. These include middle & secondary ed, school administration, curriculum & instruction and homeschooling. A variety of courses are also on tap for math college students. Among them are linear algebra, pre-calculus, arithmetic & basic math.

Other Information

Few of these sites will grade your studies. Unlike formal lessons, you have to study the assignments alone. But you do have the option of studying them as often as possible.

Online courses for free college usually do not earn credit. You cannot earn a degree or certificate from these sites. But college students will find the information there useful.