Online Courses for Free for Doctors

Online courses for free for doctors are no longer as rare as they used to be. These programs are available in different forms.


Free programs are very easy to use. There is no need to enroll or register. Doctors just go to the site and read the information. There are some sites which provide training and studies for aspiring doctors. These are not fully online programs and usually not free.

Clinical training and live classes will be required. However, medical students will be allowed to complete some of their courses on the web. The third type is the CE (continuing education). These courses are taken on the web.


The topics will depend on the course. If the program is for medical students, subjects will include medical terminology, medicine history, identifying diseases and ethics. There will also be topics on standard practices and laws that affect doctors.

Continuing education courses center on current issues that affect doctors and medical professionals. Refresher courses are also available. CE subjects may include health assessments, pain problem treatments and stress management.

Subjects on specific types of illnesses are covered, such as AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, heart diseases, cancer and so on. Other topics included in free study sties online are biology of water and health, cardiovascular/respiratory, study of cells, tissues and organs. There are also courses on pharmacology principles, genetics, the Immunology sequence and sexually transmitted diseases.

More advanced subjects focus on tissue engineering, alternative medicine and the dangers caused by smoking. Other special courses center on the latest drug treatments, newest medications in the market and quantitative physiology.


Web classes often use multimedia to enhance lessons. Video (recorded and streaming) are now being used to deliver lessons. Web conferences are also becoming commonplace. Most CE courses can be finished entirely on the web.

A few of them require attending seminars. Email is used for communicating with instructors. Discussion boards are also found in most of these programs.

Other Information

Not all free medical study programs offer those features stated above. Doctors or med students should examine their features closely before studying. Some websites are not entirely free. Some websites only offer free previews. But enrollment is necessary to access the rest of the module. It should be noted that not all free study programs have instructors. Usually the student has to undertake the lessons alone.

Online courses for free for doctors usually do not earn credit. In many states, credit is required to continue their education or maintain their license.