Online Courses for University Of Texas

If you are enrolled at the University of Texas and you would want to find an alternative to taking your classes on campus, you will be pleased to know that the university now offers online courses that are the same as the ones that they offer on campus.

While the university does offer the courses online, they do not give online degrees. What this basically means is that you can take some of your courses online but if you wish to complete your college degree, you will still have to take classes on campus.

Now if you are not enrolled at the university, you may still register for their online courses as these are generally for college credit – that is, if you are working towards earning your college degree from another university.

University of Texas at Austin: Online Courses

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Through the University Extension program, college courses that the University of Texas would normally offer for on-campus learning, are made available online.

There are courses that the university, through UEX, offers that follow the same semester schedule as that of their on-campus classes; and there are those that they offer throughout the year; giving you the option to enroll any time you wish.

Topics covered by the courses include the following: Anthropology, Literature, Economics, the American Government, Geography, History, Latin I and II, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Social Studies, Rhetoric and Writing, and Spanish I and II.

Each course may give you 3 college credit hours up to 5 college credit hours depending on which course you will take.

Course work includes assignments plus you will need to take an exam on the courses you are taking before you can successfully complete each one of them.

Course Fees and Materials

Course fees vary, again depending on the course that you will be taking. Generally, course fees range from $550 per course up to $800.

However, as fees are subject to change without prior notice, you should regularly check for updates in case you are saving up for a few courses that you want to take.

Textbooks and other materials are not included in the fee and you may check with the university’s UEX portal for books and other materials that you can get from them.

The list of materials will be provided by the university and you can also check for the books’ availability in other online shops especially if you wish to get secondhand materials.

Online courses may be taken off the list or additional ones may be included without prior notice so again, you should check their site for updates on these.