Online Courses for French Grammar

Online courses for French grammar are available for those who want to increase their proficiency in the language. There are many kinds of language programs available, with some of them free.


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These web classes do not just focus on the grammar, but all the aspects of the language. The set up of these classes varies. Courses for beginners focus on the basics before moving on to the more complex subjects. The features vary per site. But virtually all of them allow students to learn at their own pace.


The ways lessons are processed differ. Typically students begin by reading passages and basic sentences. This is necessary to comprehend grammar. Some courses are meant for beginners only, but others have beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. When you are done with the beginner’s course you can move on to the more advanced topics.

Hybrid Internet Classes

A lot of these Internet schools are purely online. Using text, audio and sometimes video, the student can learn the lessons alone online. But some are hybrid in nature; they combine online courses with on-site work. Aside from reading and learning popular French expressions, students are encouraged to write in the language.

Other Elements in Internet Courses

These virtual classrooms have more than virtual textbooks. The built-in audio helps you learn how to pronounce words. Those that don’t have audio use a pronunciation guide. A lot of these sites have forums. They can be used to test your proficiency in the language. These courses also have links to cultural and literary works on the web.

They also provide articles in French. These articles range from the simple to complex. The latter are for intermediate and advanced students. Apart from the grammar, verbs, adjectives, nouns and other components will be explored.

Other Information

Once your French vocabulary has improved, the advanced French language studies can be tried out. This includes writing using expressions you have learned. Some courses will require you to engage in Internet reviews of various French items and products.

There are also Internet classes that offer exams. The truly serious student can study French business terms. The topics will involve the stock market, insurance, banking and many other terms related to business.

Online courses for French grammar may also include analysis of notable French literature. These are designed to help the student use grammar naturally. Assessing these works will go a long way towards making one proficient in the language.