Online Courses for Geriatric Case Management

Online courses for geriatric case management teach students how to be a health and human services specialist. By taking these courses you will understand how to care of older people and their families.

Coursework Overview

Geriatric management schools allows students to concentrate on various fields. The choices include psychology, social work, gerontology and nursing. Of course the emphasis is on caring for older people. They are trained to help elderly folk get their maximum potential.

Students learn how to make home evaluations and speaking with older folk and their kin. These skills will help you create the proper plan. Planning courses include referrals and suggestions for actions. As a geriatric care manager, you must be prepared to take care of older folk not living with their relatives.

Internet based courses use text and videos to explain different subjects. These files have been prepared by experts in the field. They also provide forums, links and other resources that students are going to rely on. Email and other means are also used for communication between students and instructors.

Additional Details

These programs explain issues that affect planning assessments. These include environmental, psychological, social and medical issues. You study the activities of a senior citizen. These include transferring from bed to chair, dressing and bathing. Students learn how to deal with impairments that affect elderly folk; hearing, vision, speech and memory.

When preparing a plan, they have to show it to family members and their client. Study programs will explain how these plans are to be implemented. The topics covered in these universities differ. But development of communication skills is absolutely essential. Students are also trained in writing as it is necessary. Students must also understand what role they will play in the community.


Care managers may come from different fields. These include those with a master in social work degree or certification in gerontology. Most licensed clinical social workers may also become professional care managers. The requirements differ by the site. You can also work in private practice.

Other Information

These programs will prepare you to take care of older people. Aside from those mentioned, students must learn how to prepare the necessary services. Care managers learn how to make adjustments if it becomes necessary. Preparations for residential placement can also be done.

Online courses for geriatric case management offer comprehensive programs for various fields. Graduates of these programs can end up as specialists in elder care and aging.