Online Courses for Florida Turf Management

Online courses for Florida turf management usually consist of continuing education for turf managers. Because horticultural practices and sciences evolve, continuing education is necessary.

Coursework Overview

The subjects in these courses generally focus on crop science and soil. Study programs explore the latest methods in grass care and development. In some cases, laboratory work is required. This is done in live classes. Some of these classes offer detailed explanations in lieu of experiments.

However, live experiments provide more instructions. The curriculum also includes management of pests and diseases. There are also subjects about turf health maintenance.

These topics used to be covered in live classes only. However the Internet has made home study possible. Certificate and degree programs also offer refresher overview seminars and introductory classes. Introductory courses examine the use of turf grass. They will learn how this is used for sports and other activities. The basics of turf care are explored.

Once you enroll in these courses you will discover how to irrigate, handle soil and use insect control. The latter covers the various insecticides available in the market. Disease and pest control is an extensive subject and is covered by all turf administration studies.

By finishing these courses, you will learn how to prevent environmental damage. In addition, students learn how turf is established and selected. The more intricate subjects focus on the shade and climate.


Websites use different platforms for their instructions. Multimedia is used to make the lessons more interactive. Videos are used for lectures. Unlike reading materials, videos make it easier concepts easier to understand.

Discussion boards are included in these sites. This is used by instructors and students for interaction. This feature can be very convenient when studying the science behind turf grass. By the time you are finished, you will know how to apply scientific methods for managing turf.


A cable or DSL connection is necessary. Knowledge of computing will also be helpful. You must also know how to do research on the Internet. Speakers and audio software are also required.

Other Information

Several topics are studied. But the core subjects are caring for grass and lawns. In these programs you will learn how the greens in Florida’s schools and golf courses are preserved. These courses also explain how Florida’s sporting stadium greens are maintained.

Online courses for Florida turf management are similar in structure. However, the subjects focus on state specific features. So the information you learn are specifically applicable for the state.