Online Courses for Nursing Case Management

Online courses for nursing case management are among the programs provided by medical colleges in America. Master’s degree programs are available, and some courses can be studied on the web.

Coursework Overview

Registered nurses make up most eventual case managers. In these nursing case management programs, students learn how to function as patient advocates. They get trained in service coordination required by patients.

Some of the courses in conventional classes are now online. Among the topics in these programs are ambulatory case management, quality and case management and reimbursement systems. Other topics are on utilization management and basic concepts.

Students will also handle health cases in various medical institutions. They will also learn how to supervise business operations and numerous administrative duties. Other topics that you can take up are fiscal resource management, human relations management, statistics for health professionals and conducting research.

Additional Details

The number of credits in these case management nursing schools differ. Features in online courses include videos, audio, podcasts and other files.

These programs are available from numerous classes. There are also lectures from professors, reviewing case histories and reading assignments. There are other classes for ethical implications of case management, conducting tests and the latest industry news. You also have to learn how to monitor patients’ conditions.

Aside from case management, these schools also offer nursing administration concentration. Other courses may consist of managed care and reimbursement, issues in health care, legal and risk management and health care system financial management.


Case management programs are aimed at RNs who have a nursing bachelor’s degree. Applicants may be required to pass an admission test.

Other Information

These programs go through their career options. Nurses who want to work in rural areas can find courses that get them ready for the job. In these courses students get trained on how to take care of rural populations. They also learn advanced practice techniques required in these places.


A case management program takes a year to complete. This does not include the amount of time you put in to become an RN. Many programs are available for those with bachelor’s degree in nursing. But in some cases the program is offered for those with a master’s degree only. You can also learn this program by studying in seminars or conferences.

Online courses for nursing case management programs have different features. The curriculum will vary depending on the school.