Online Courses for High School Students by MIT

Online courses for high school students by MIT are available via their online project. This publication is free and can be accessed on the Internet.

MIT Projects for High School Students

These courses are available via MIT’s Highlights for High School project. This program includes science demonstrations, sample college courses and AP review courses. Some of the other courses in this program are science, mathematics, humanities, chemistry, biology and physics. There are also programs for high school teachers.


The OpenCourseWare (OCW) is an online publication freely available. These materials are not just for high school students. There are also courses for undergraduate and graduate students. These courses employ the latest web technologies.

Videos, animation, graphics, audio and demos are used. iTunesU and YouTube are employed in these programs too. MIT courses also have assignments, exams, essential readings and calendars. These classes will have a syllabus. Additional audio lectures are available too.

There are hundreds of courses available. Among them are aeronautics and astronautics, writing and humanistic studies, anthropology, brain and cognitive sciences.

Other courses that may be studied are earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences, electrical engineering and computer sciences, science, technology, society and mathematics. You will also find courses about robotics, oceanographic modeling and psycholinguistics. There are many other courses to choose from and many being added.


These programs have the same features as paid online programs. However, there are some characteristics you need to consider. Those who take these classes do not gain entry into the MIT faculty. You will not be able to earn certificates or degrees.

There is no certainty that you will be able to complete all the course materials. The reason is that some of the topics are meant for group study. In short, these programs are for the continuing education of students. You can use these programs for continued learning and personal review.

Other Information

The OCW program was set up by MIT in 2000. Their goal was to use the web for sharing information and knowledge. The program began with fifty courses. It became a success and now has hundreds of courses. There are also translations available. Today there are other universities that use OpenCourseWare. There are now hundreds of institutions that offer OCW. These courses are also free.

Online courses for high school students by MIT are always being updated. For the student, it means the knowledge they learn will never be outdated.