Online Courses for Insurance Claims Adjuster

Online courses for insurance claims adjuster offer a fine alternative to those who want to embark on this career in a nontraditional way. These programs have many different features which provide a lot of opportunities for students.

Definition and Overview

The job of the adjuster is to assess, research and submit insurance claims for approval. It is the job of the adjuster to examine the extent and cause of an injury or damage. Their purpose is to determine how much insurance the claimant is entitled to.

Benefits of Online Training

Training on the Internet gives aspiring pros a lot of options. There are certification programs and continuing education (CE) courses. The latter are for professionals who want to expand their knowledge on the subject.

Continuing Education

These courses focus mainly on leaning how insurance claims are made and affected by state legislation and federal laws. While these are the main topics, there are also other issues which are explored including negotiation tactics, ethics and how to cope with updated legislative laws. Many universities and colleges that offer CE have credits. This can be used by a professional in getting their licenses renewed.

Certificate Programs

A lot of these schools offer certifications to students who graduate. These are online training courses but are formal in set up. These studies cover a lot of topics including an adjuster’s responsibilities and roles, worker’s compensation and work safety procedures, insurance fraud, property insurance, and many others.

These web based programs last less than a year. Most of them allow online tests. Other issues which are discussed are the adjuster’s tools and what computer software has to be used. The lessons are designed so students can be prepared for taking a state license test.


No specific educational requirements are needed for working in this field. However, some majors can help in the long run. Legal training or knowledge about business law will be of help when dealing with worker’s compensation claims and product liabilities. There are actually schools which offer paralegal training.

Knowledge of the American legal system, legislature and computers will also be beneficial. Knowing a bit of legal research can also provide a lot of benefits. Students will also do well by studying macroeconomics, business communication and public speaking.

Online courses for insurance claims adjuster are not easy. They require a lot of work. But if you persevere, you will benefit. A competent adjuster has a good chance of getting promoted to higher positions.