Online Courses for Interior Decorating and Design

Online courses for interior decorating and design are offered by several universities across America. Aspiring decorators do not necessarily require a degree, but choosing the right school is still essential.

Coursework Overview

Interior decorator schools focus on the non-technical aspect of the job. Courses will concentrate on room presentation, proper use of color and furniture placement. In decorating and design programs, technical aspects are also studied.

Although degrees are not necessary, you can work for it. A lot of the theoretical components are learned online. But some aspects have to be studied in a live class. Other classes combine the two. You can choose which area to specialize in: home, commercial or industrial. Each of these have sub-disciplines you can choose to master. Next you study the processes and materials involved in different design settings.


Most of these programs require you to finish an interdisciplinary foundation program before proceeding to a major. If you are an undergraduate, you can pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree or similar program. A large number of these colleges have interdisciplinary course. In some classes, participants are allowed to take up a second major.


Applicants should review the admission requirements before enrolling. Entering a major usually requires you to pass a preliminary exam. In many online classes, students are required to complete foundation courses before going into a major.

Other Information

Many of these schools emphasize home design and decoration. But there are institutes that place more emphasis on industrial and commercial interior design. Usually, interior decorator study programs cover all three. But the emphasis will vary by class.

Choosing an Online Interior Decorating School

Decide what education level you want to study. No specific levels are required since licenses or certificates are not needed. A certification program usually focuses on a single area. If you want more formal education, enroll in a school with general education courses.

Accreditation is important. An accredited school means it meets the national standard among design schools and professionals. Graduating from an accredited program will tell potential employers your skills are at least up to the standard level. The majority of schools offer certificates for interior designers and not interior decorators.

Online courses for interior decorating and design have different features. The ones cited above may be included in one class. However, other elements may be implemented. That is why it is important to check the course description / syllabus first.