Online Courses for LPN Training

Online courses for LPN training are numerous, so much so that choosing can be difficult. Knowing their features can help you decide.


These classes offer the same subjects as those of licensed practical nurses. If you are taking traditional classes, you will see that online programs are now on the web. After nursing students graduate, they become eligible for licensing examinations. They will be able to work just like students who have studied in a brick and mortar university.


LPN programs teach their students how to give patients baths, monitor treatments and evaluate vital signs of patients. An online curriculum will explain their administrative duties. One of the subjects that is covered in these classes is patient health care plan development. LPNs are also required to file records and prepare appointments. These are all taught to students. In other words, they are trained to become an assistant for doctors and nurses.

A diploma or certificate is given to graduate students. There are programs that offer master’s, bachelor’s and associate‚Äôs degrees. You need to graduate from a class with accreditation. This will enable them to sit for the National Council Licensure Exam for an LPN.


Nursing students should have a GED or high school diploma. Other prerequisites may be imposed by an LPN class. Some of the classes that may be taken up are medical terminology, facts about the nursing profession and the basics of nursing. Anatomy is included in almost all classes.

Other Information

These programs can take anywhere from a year to over 18 months. It all depends on the number of courses that are taken. There are classes which are in eight or fifteen week format. Shorter, five week classes are also available. Their costs vary. Some of them cost $200 per credit while others are over $500. Most classes allow you to choose from a variety of payment plans. Discounts and financial aids are available.


The demand for LPNs is high in many countries around the world. They have the potential to earn $26,000 to $50,000 annually. The average salary is $35,000. The more experienced you are, the more you can earn. Earnings will also vary depending on where you are going to work.

Online courses for LPN training are not yet as popular as those of traditional classes. But in terms of quality they are the same. In fact these classes are recognized by medical institutions.