Online Courses for Marine Biology

Online courses for marine biology explore organisms in all bodies of water. There are several biology programs on the web, but this is one of the most vital in the field. Students in these programs can take the first steps to becoming a professional biologist.

Coursework Overview

College marine biology courses start with an introduction to marine biology. You will learn basic concepts such as buoyancy, early ocean exploration and diving. Students also get to study ocean and life zones, coral reefs, mangroves and mud flats.

Other areas of study are about rocky shores, cnidarians, sponges, zooplankton and multi-cellular algae. After going through preliminary subjects, a student learns about marine mammals, fish, echinoderms, crustaceans and mollusks. There are also subjects on coastal marine ecosystems and how climate phenomenon affects biological organisms. You will also learn about marine conservation and the ways they can be managed.

Additional Details

Internet based studies allow you to access all sorts of information on the web. You can take up courses on deep ocean waters, sea grass beds and coral reef tracts. Live training by students will be under the guide of scientists. Part of the program involves working with research groups.

Aside from the topics mentioned, you also have to study impacts of environmental change, pollution, biodiversity and the effects of global warming. You can also specialize in related fields such as zoology, ecology, evolution, and physiology. It is also possible to study for technical positions. This can get you ready to work in federal agencies and firms.


These classes are divided into modules. They are usually divided into categories such as microbial metabolic systems, nature and regulation of marine ecosystems, molecular approaches to environmental microbiology and microbial diversity.

Students can also take up physiological and biochemical adaptations, global change biology, patterns and processes in fish diversity. The biology of symbiosis, biological oceanography and evolution of invertebrate animals are part of the curriculum.

Other Information

Universities with marine biology programs allow students to conduct research. The subjects include impacts of invasive and introduced species, dispersal of benthic organisms and effect of the climate on the sea. There are graduate and undergraduate courses to choose from. Even though these programs are online, you are allowed to participate in various live experiments.

Online courses for marine biology may include live training programs. This field is ever changing and growing. Even those who graduate can take continuing education classes on the web.