Online Courses for Medical Coding Billing

Online courses for medical coding billing are now available in many prestigious universities. In the past, billing was separate from coding. But most schools offer them together now. In fact medical transcription is also offered in many universities.

Coursework Overview

The emphasis in these medical billing and coding schools is on data recording. Students also learn how to manage information. Other subjects that have to be studied are medical insurance billing, pathology and anatomy. The importance of anatomy, pathology and physiology cannot be overstressed, and are always included.

Billers and coders are taught how to transcribe and record a doctor’s notes. These are for insurance firms. The information given by the biller / coder is used by the insurance company to determine the coverage of a patient. There are also courses for collection strategies, claims processing and medical management.

Additional Details

Certificate programs can be partially or fully online. The program is usually included in health professions, health care, nursing and related fields. Medical insurance courses require students to take a specific number of credit hours / courses.

The topics stated above are just some of them. The subjects can vary. In other universities, the required courses are chart auditing, medical billing software and billing principals. You may also be required to study hospital and physician based coding and healing.


Websites use centralized course management systems to deliver assignments. Lessons are archived so they can be accessed anytime. A student can go online day or night and retrieve the files. After graduating, students become eligible for the American Academy of Professional Coder’s certification test. Internet study programs also have discussion forums so pupils and teachers can interact with one another. A variety of learning resources are also available.

Other Information

The number of courses in these programs varies. Some have a dozen, while others have less. The other subjects required are legal consideration and various health insurance info. This usually includes Medicaid, Medicare, billing procedures and coding basics.


A growing number of sites are offering fully online programs. For this reason, applicants have to be well versed in using computers and the Internet. Students must also complete a set of general education courses prior to the core studies.

Online courses for medical coding billing are multiplying in great numbers. Before you join, be certain that it is legitimate. Schools with the right credentials ensure that your works will be recognized.