Accredited Online Courses for Medical Coding and Billing

Accredited online courses for medical coding and billing will give you the skills necessary to get a job in the field. Graduates will become versed enough to be a medical coder or handle different kinds of billing procedures.


Those who graduate will have the opportunity to work in an entry level position. They will learn the skills necessary for insurance forms processing and procedural coding. A well designed online school will give you the competitive edge needed to compete with other applicants.


Lessons start with an introduction to billing and coding. Terminology used in the field is explained. Subsequent courses will concentrate on HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and ethics. Laws and regulations are also covered at this point.

The succeeding chapters will cover billing & reimbursement, worker’s compensation, reimbursement & follow-up and TRICARE. There will also be discussions about Medicaid, Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and other insurance carriers.

Diagnostic coding studies begin with an overview of the subject. This is followed by ICD9 guidelines by body system, diagnostic coding steps and medical document abstracting. This part of the course will cover ICD9 guidelines, layout and conventions. After this, the student will continue on to procedural coding.

The subjects here are comprised of HCPCS level ii coding and evaluation & management coding. Coding for anesthesia, radiology, pathology, laboratory and surgery will be covered. Surgery coding is going to be by the organ and body system.

At the end of the course, you will be given instructions on how to mark the program as finished. Employment strategies and certification will follow.


Some programs require knowledge of medical terminology. If this is not included in the program, you need to complete this prerequisite course elsewhere. Students must know how to type and use a word processor. Good knowledge of the English language is necessary. Those who have no work experience can enroll.

Technical requirements will vary. Most of them are compatible with Windows XP and higher. Although most sites will recommend Internet Explorer, other browsers will usually work well. Internet access is required of course.

Other Information

Virtually all of these classes will instruct how to perform procedural coding tasks, diagnostic duties and how to file insurance. State compliance requirements, and regulatory concepts are taught as well.

Accredited online courses for medical coding and billing will get a completion certification. Graduates will become eligible for preparation and registration at the Coding Specialist (CBCS) certificate exam.