Online Courses for Paralegal Degree

Online courses for paralegal degree and certificate programs are now widely available. These classes are also known as distance learning programs. Some of these are entirely online. Others are a combination of online and live classes.

Coursework Overview

These programs have several areas that have to be studied. The major subjects in paralegal schools are ethics, court procedures, litigation and contracts. Business laws are also discussed. These subjects are covered in a general manner, but you can study them in-depth as well.

However, these are not usually taken as specialties. Popular specialty subjects are sports and entertainment law, intellectual property and real estate. Legal procedures must also be studied.
Two year programs usually consist of different courses designed to prepare students for being an attorney.


Length varies depending on the paralegal university. Online formats allow students to study full or part-time. This means you can get a paralegal certificate in three months or a year. Courses vary depending on the specialty. Choices include legal investigation, legal writing and research.


This will vary according to the university. Financial aid and assistance are available for qualified students. Online courses are generally cheaper. There are not out-of-state tuition costs or matriculation.

Other Information

Graduates can find work in different fields. The most common fields are working in family law and legal technology, estates, trusts and wills. You can also work in criminal, corporate, and other areas of the law. Online courses also offer an internship program. Many universities have career placements too. They also get students ready to work in various legal circles.


To prepare for a paralegal course, get a GED or high school diploma. Your options include a four-year university, two-year college and certificate programs. Many of them have courses on the web. An associate’s degree can be earned in two years. A certificate program takes just a few months to complete.

Certificate programs are for those who have finished an undergraduate college course. Some courses require live classes. In this case, location will be important. You have to select a college that is under the jurisdiction where you plan to work.

Online courses for paralegal degree are usually taken post graduate. This means you have to complete a four-year or two year degree. This is usually the case because it gives you a better chance of getting a job. There may be exceptions to the rule though, so read the class guidelines carefully.