Online Courses for Paralegals in Ontario

Online courses for paralegals in Ontario get you ready to work in the legal world. Compared with traditional courses, studies are more convenient. Conventional classes are still more common, but web based classes are making their presence felt.


Web based study programs offer the same comprehensive lessons as Ontario paralegal schools. You will learn how to perform various legal duties. Among the duties of a paralegal are researching judicial decisions, maintaining client files and preparing for trial.

They also learn how to draft legal documents. You also get trained how to properly interview witnesses. Training to be an investigator is also included in the curriculum. Prospective paralegals should also study philosophy of law, small claims court and charter of rights. All Internet courses include a study of Canada’s legal system. Rules concerning admission of evidence are also included in the curriculum.

Additional Subjects of Study

Areas of study differ among Ontario paralegal colleges. However, there are some subjects that are almost always included in the curriculum. These include laws concerning employment, insurance, immigration and refugee. Regulations concerning residential landlord and tenant, administration, tort and contracts must also be studied.


Those who want to enroll must be graduates of a legal service program that has accreditation. The school must have approval from the Law Society of Upper Canada. These classes have courses that must be completed by the student. Subjects vary by school, but they are all relevant to the profession.

A professional responsibility and ethics course will certainly be included. Before you can become a paralegal, field placement is necessary. Graduates have to apply for a license within three years after they graduate. Application is done at the Law Society of Upper Canada. Online applications are accepted.

Applicants must provide several documents. These include two color passport photos, statement of completed field placement and your college transcript. You must also present an outline of the ethics course you took. In some cases you have to prove that you are of good character. There is also a fee to be paid.

Other Information

Students are taught how to use computers to perform legal research. Legal writing is also taught in these courses. Paralegals must also study microeconomics and career development. After graduating, students will get a diploma.

Online courses for paralegals in Ontario are available from some universities. If you have doubts about the legitimacy of the site, you should research it first.