Online Courses for Ontario Paralegal

Online courses for Ontario paralegal can be your passport to the Canadian legal world. Just like other legal studies, the assignments are very extensive. Programs take a while to complete and usually combine live and online classes.

Coursework Overview

Paralegal colleges in Canada allow you to take several vital courses on the web. Preliminary subjects include college English, general education option, administrative law and legal entities and relationships. Some of these courses may be studied are introduction to the legal system, contracts and torts and computer application.

Participants in these programs get trained on the laws on employment, residential landlord and tenant. Other subjects are about tribunal practice and procedure.

Additional areas of study concentrate on the litigation process, evidence and legal accounting. In addition, students have to go through practice management, provincial offences / motor vehicle offences and business communication. Ethics and professional responsibility are also studied.

Additional Details

Students of Ontario paralegal universities will study immigration law and how to use computer legal software. You also have to take up courses on alternative dispute resolution and advanced communication skills for legal professionals.

More advanced curriculum includes legal research, legal writing, refugee law for paralegals, criminal summary conviction procedure and legislation for small claims court. All students have to take ethics and responsibility courses.


Applicants must be proficient in the English language. Analytical and writing skills are needed for students to succeed. Entrance exams and tests are provided to test your skills. Candidates have to show proof that they have completed the prerequisite courses imposed by the college. Student grades are used as a basis for choosing candidates. Standard courses include Canadian history and politics, writing, and mathematics.

Keyboarding skills and computer literacy are recommended. If you have graduated from a paralegal program, you have to apply for a license within three years after graduating. Even if you are applying in an online university, some documents have to be submitted in person. The required papers will vary by class.

Other Information

Paralegal students should enroll in classes that are approved by the Law Society of Upper Canada. By enrolling in an approved class, you can be certain the courses are approved. You can also be certain the quality is high.

Online courses for Ontario paralegal may have different requirements. Their features may vary also. The information contained in these schools can vary too. You need to go over the course description.