Online Courses for Real Estate License in CT

When you are working on a field like real estate, you need to be very careful with the state-specific requirements. That is to ensure that you are working towards the right path. To get your professional license in Connecticut, there is a guideline that you must follow to work towards proper certification.

Education Requirements

Before you get into real estate, you must possess the basic qualifications. Typically, you will be required to be at least 18 years of age, with high school diploma, and with no criminal records. You may also be required to submit your citizenship or legal documents that will prove your permanent residency.

You may choose to either take on a real estate related bachelor course such as Business, Marketing, or Finance or you may go straight to complete the required hours of classroom training for real estate principles and practices.

It is important that you earn a degree. However, if you are still not ready for the demands of the big school personally and financially, you may just settle on online courses for real estate license in CT to spark up your future career. You can always go back to continuing education once you are able to stabilize your position in the field.

If you are enrolling for the qualifying course, you may check with Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection, the agency that handles real estate license, whether or not your course is accredited. Getting in touch with the state government will help ensure that you are moving towards the right path.

After getting the necessary education to qualify for licensure, it is time to work on registering for the exam. The PSI administers licensure exams. You must submit the required documents and fees to be allowed to take the test. You will receive a Certificate of Exam Eligibility from the PSI, which is what you need to register for the real estate exam. This certificate expires within a year and is good for up to four attempts.

To prepare for the exam, you may take review courses that will help refresh your memory regarding the information that you obtained during the classroom instruction.

Getting your License

Of course, you need to get a passing score on the real estate exam to be able to apply for a license. Once it is official, you will send your passing score report to the Department of Consumer Protections Licensing Services Division along with the required fee for the licensing to start moving.