Online Courses for Real Estate License Texas

Online courses for real estate license Texas give you the chance to practice this profession. Because the demand for real estate agents is high in the state, chances of getting a job are high. The educational materials provided in these sites will get you ready to meet the state licensing requirements.

Coursework Overview

Colleges with real estate programs cover a wide variety of subjects. The major studies are about licensing laws, nature and description of real estate, rights and interest in real estate. There are also subjects on forms of ownership, transfer of title, contract law and brokerage and agency.

Real estate contracts, mortgage theory, financing techniques and loan classifications are studied too. Studies of lender regulations, mortgage markets, economics, valuation and real estate taxes are required. There are other subjects that you can study including settlements, title protection, leases and property management. You also have to study investment and land use controls.

Subjects in Detail

The subjects mentioned above go through numerous topics. A course on licensing laws includes topics about employee-independent contractor status, nonresident licensing, types of licenses and exemptions. A course on rights and interest includes encumbrances, statutory estates and non-freehold estates.

Estates in land and government rights are studied in most Texan schools. A course in forms of ownership centers on planned unit developments, time sharing, condominiums, cooperatives, syndicates and corporations. Transfer of title courses explains types of deeds, deed covenants, voluntary and involuntary alienation. Creation of contracts is also studied in depth.

Sales and Brokerage Courses

Some courses are for advanced students while others are for entry level applicants. Courses for professional real estate agents can take continuing education programs. Those who want to study brokerage or real estate sales have to study exam preparation and pre-licensing.

Among the subjects that they have to study are law of contracts, real estate marketing and principles. These courses have mock exams with different sections for national and state tests. You can also study subjects on being a real estate appraiser, home inspector or loan originator. Aside from preparing students for licensing, continuing-education studies are provided.


These studies are provided by industry professionals. The curriculum is prepared by professionals. Training is done online while others have a live program. Online studies are complemented by videos and audios.

Online courses for real estate license Texas can be the first step to getting started in the business. You not only get a license, but even start your own business.