Online Courses for Social Work Degree

Online courses for social work degree are designed for people who want to make a difference. These programs have long been available in colleges. Now you get an opportunity to study the subject on the web. Associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree are all online.

Coursework Overview

Schools for social workers offer several courses to get students ready for work. The major ones are on basic and advanced social work practices, crisis intervention and psychopathology. Other subjects that have to be studied are clinical practice behaviors, social welfare policy, family therapy and counseling for individuals. Human behavior and patterns are also discussed in these classes.

Master’s courses usually consist of family dynamics, communications, political science and ethics. Biology, research methods and statistics are also studied.


Some classes are for full time students only. Others accept part time students. Residency is not an issue in many classes. As long as you can attend the live / online programs, there will be no problems. No matter which school you go to, credit hours have to be completed. The exact number will vary though.

Students also have to take up human development and do community work. The subjects are going to depend on whether the course is a major or a minor. The courses for continuing education are also different. Interviewing skills and group work are emphasized in these programs. Some of these programs even offer students a chance to work abroad.

Cost of Tuition

This varies from class to class. Scholarships and grants are available to qualified students. You will find this information in the site’s tuition payment link. You can email the website and ask for more information on their payment options.

Other Information

Master’s degree programs take a couple of years to complete for a full time student. Aside from the coursework, social workers colleges require enrollees to perform a thorough clinical practicum. This will take place in different social service facilities.

Here, the student will work with professional social workers. Together they will interact with patients and perform the activities required of them. Clinical training constitutes half the credits needed by the student. The other half are for the courses. Hundreds of hours of clinical work is required especially in master’s degrees.

Online courses for social work degree are accepted throughout the US. After graduating, you will be qualified to work in social service centers, disability and community agencies and the health care industry.