Online Courses for Social Workers CEU

Online courses for social workers CEU (continuing education unit) are required in virtually all states. By taking these subjects, workers will keep their knowledge up to date. More importantly, these courses are required for licenses to be maintained and renewed.

Coursework Overview

These programs cover a broad spectrum. There are subjects that focus on adolescent counseling. These provide counselors with the latest information on the problems teens face today. Other courses focus on dealing with different types of grief. For instance, there are subjects on helping elderly people deal with health problems.

CEU subjects on domestic violence, spousal abuse, child protection and child abuse can also be studied online. There are also courses which offer practical solutions to various problems. Other topics covered in these sites are drug addiction and ethics. Counselors that specialize in alcohol abuse will find supplementary courses on the web.


These courses are available for registered social workers. Each state may have its own further requirements though. Of course Internet access is necessary. Video and audio are used in most classes, so a media player is necessary.

To be eligible for license renewal, a specific number of CEUs have to be completed. The number can differ depending on the state. Most states also specify what types of courses have to be studied. Licenses can now be renewed on the Internet.

State requirements are subject to change. Before taking a CEU, students have to check the latest rule updates. Before taking any of these programs, social workers may be required to submit work and / or school records. For instance, a lot of regulatory boards require licensed workers to show proof they have a master’s degrees.

Free Courses

These are scattered throughout the web. Most of these sites do offer up to date and correct information. Because these courses are free, they prove very attractive to a lot of people. The drawback is they do not earn credit. Credit is required when renewing license.

Other Information

Social workers can be found in different places. They may practice their trade in courts, clinics, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. There are courses which help workers adjust to the environment.

Workers will also gain knowledge about working in hospitals, prisons and schools. Workers must ascertain the class is valid and with accreditation. The legitimate ones offer certifications of completion.

Online courses for social workers CEU have become more popular than traditional classes. They are more convenient and can be taken anytime.