Online Courses for Surgical Technologist

Online courses for surgical technologist are growing in number. This is to be expected because the demand for these professionals is increasing. Before you can enter this field, you must have the proper postsecondary education.

Coursework Overview

Accredited surgical technology classes provide different types of curriculums and topics. A typical course includes subjects such as professionalism and communications, surgical technology, patient care in the pre-operative stage and preparation of the operating room, practices for infection control and caring for the patient intraoperative.

Other topics are about hazards to patients, postoperative care and pharmacology. You also have to study ethical and legal issues.

Courses in Detail

Universities with surgical tech programs provide comprehensive topics on all aspects of the job. Some of the subjects you are required to study are effective communication skills, developing teamwork, group dynamics and how to conduct yourself at work. You will also learn about surgical team member roles, facility orientation and relevant professional organizations that are vital to the practice.

As a student you will also learn about anesthesia, readying a patient for surgical intervention and protocols. As a student you get trained in preparing an operating room. Topics will include equipment, supplies, case selection and instrumentation.

Other Subjects

A course on ethical and legal issues includes your scope of practice, patient’s rights and updated legal issues. A course on pharmacology includes interpreting orders, calculations, medication and dosages. When studying for post-operative care, the subjects covered concern death and dying, wellness, health and post anesthesia.

When you study intraoperative care of patients, you will learn how to apply dressings, drains, catheters, tissue approximation and caring for specimens. There are also subjects on hemostasis, wound healing and incisions.


Internet study classes have different styles. They include tests, quizzes and grading projects. These colleges offer degrees and certificate programs. These classes can be completed in a year if you study full-time. Before you enroll, you need to complete prerequisite courses. These include anatomy, microbiology and mathematics. There is an entrance examination for students.

Other Information

Admission can be very stringent; your admission test scores and grade point average can determine whether you are going to be accepted or not. A high school or GED is required for all students.

Online courses for surgical technologist cover more than just skills and medical terminology. At the end of these programs, you will be better prepared to work in this challenging industry.